History Of The Event

The first Dunedin Wines the Blues event took place in November of 1992 with the idea of finding another way to promote the Downtown area and its Merchants. This Dunedin Event was originally conceived by Gregory Brady with Salon GW, Kathy Carlson and Virgil from Kelly’s Chic a Boom Room & Restaurant.

At that time Dunedin had just formed the Downtown Merchants Association and needed another event in the fall of that year to compliment a successful Mardi Gras. At the same time the City of Dunedin, through Bob Ironsmith, wanted to promote the idea of Live, Work, and Play in Dunedin in order to encourage more people to come to Dunedin, Florida.

From those beginnings, this event has grown into a regional staple that takes place every year in Dunedin. What was once one night, one stage and a few local businesses and restaurants serving food has become 4 stages with top local and national talent, hundreds of food and retail vendors and multiple days of entertainment. According to recent estimates, attendance at Wine’s the Blues has exceeded 25,000 and included visitors from around Tampa Bay and beyond. With our current expansion plans in place this will continue to increase over the next few years.

This event continues to grow and welcome residents from not only Dunedin and the Tampa Bay area but the entire Southern Region.