This signature event for Dunedin is an upscale event combining top notch blues music from all over the country with wine from all over the world. You purchase and  taste wine from more than two dozen vineyards spanning many varietals. Music is performed on the main stage at Pioneer Park, the West End Stage near the Chamber of Commerce Building and the East End Stage near Pensare Italian Bistro starting at 3:00pm and running continuously until 11:00pm.

According to the Pinellas county sheriff’s department, attendance at Wine’s the Blues has included thousands of visitors both local from Tampa Bay and beyond, increasing steadily from year to year since it’s existence. Attendees begin arriving to set up in the park as early as 4:00pm and the bulk of the attendees spend three to five hours at the event which enjoys the largest crowd from the hours of 7:00pm – 11:00pm. This event is hoping to grow in scope and will become a two and three day event.

The Festival will be held on Main Street in Downtown Dunedin. The street is closed down to all but foot traffic from Alternate 19 to Louden Ave. There is ample parking, both street and lot parking, surrounding the closed-off area. The main stage will have space for sponsors’ banners and sponsors have the option to utilize their booth space, which is part of the sponsorship package, to offer promotional materials and or goods for sale.